Client: Neymar Jr.
“Somos Todos Macacos / We are All Monkeys”
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Chief Creative Officer
Guga Ketzer

Creative Directors:
Sergio Mugnaini, Fabio Saboya, Cassio Moron

Art Director:
Cesar Peña

Pedro Soares Bulhões Pedreira

Marcelo Vendramel, Paula Padilha, Jonas Silva, Queiroga

Account Executive:
Marcelo Marques

Broadcast Director:
Ana Luísa André

Eduardo Musa, Gabriela Pozzi, Alex Bernardo, Helena Passarelli

Racism is still a reality in football pitches around the world. But now Neymar Jr decided to give an answer and start a discussion beyond the pitch. In a number of European football leagues, racist hooliganism towards non-White football players has long been regarded as a serious issue, one of the most common offenses being the use of the racial slur “monkey” or similar gestures, such as tossing bananas at ethnic players and making monkey-like noises. The phenomenon has been publicly discussed as early as in September 2005, when French footballer Thierry Henry raised the issue during an interview on HBO’s Real Sports

The best way to eliminate any type of prejudice is to make it less powerful and render the author of the offense powerless.

On Social media
Immediately after posting the photo to Instagram, Neymar tweeted a link to the picture which garnered more than 7,100 retweets and 4,100 favorites in 48 hours. According to the Twitter analytics site Topsy, the hashtag #weareallmonkeys was tweeted more than 97,800 times that week.

Ad Agency Collaboration
On April 30th, the Spanish newspaper AS News reported that the viral anti-hooligan campaign was actually planned in advance by Neymar and Alves in collaboration with the Brazilian marketing agency Loducca. According to the translated excerpts from the original article, Guga Ketzer, a partner at Loducca, told AS News that the Brazilian football stars began brainstorming a clever way to address the issue after experiencing similar racial abuse during a match earlier in March.

A gesture needs no translation and what we’re seeing is that this has gone viral, globally. The idea was for Neymar to eat the banana, but in the end it was Alves, and that works just the same… We created #SomosTodosMacacos and #WeAreAllMonkeys, with the gesture of eating a banana, and it has been turned into a movement.

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Desigual store, Barcelona Airport (2014)

A viral campaign soccer stars sparked against racism this week wasn’t as spontaneous as it looked. Instead, it was carefully orchestrated - and even cooler than it initially appeared.


If you can’t beat racism eat it. That’s what thousands of people on social media are doing.

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