Volkswagen Fox

It's more fun from above

Client: Volkswagen
“ It’s more fun from above”
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

VW Fox is a small car from the outside, huge on the inside, has a innovative design and in Brazil is the tallest in the category. To show how things get more amusing from the top, the website was made from above.


Executive Creative Director
Marcello Serpa

Creative Director:
Sergio Mugnaini

Art Director:
Guiga Giacomo

Luciana Haguiara

Ana Maria Machado

Production Company:

Sound production Company:

Account Executive:
Fernão Cosi, Filipe Bartolomeu, Rodrigo Falcão

Herlander Zola

Shortlist, Cannes Lions, France, Cyber Category
FWA, Site of the Day, USA
In Book, CCSP, Brazil, Digital Category
Bronze, Wave Festival, Brazil, Cyber Category
Gold, New York Festival, USA, Digital Category
El Sol, Spain, Cyber Category
Gold, El Ojo de Iberoamerica, Argentina, Cyber Category