VH1 PLayers

Client: VH1
“VH1 Players”
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Is there a new media format for the web, one that is not boring but fun?
Yes, now there is.

Creative Execution
VH1 players are skins the user can use to cover the basic player model on YouTube and other portals. He or she chooses a VH1 player on VH1 site, copies and pastes there and then the URL of a video they like on YouTube and then puts it on their blog or personal homepage. The user gets Angus Young playing guitar, or Amy Winehouse stumbling drunk or Gene Simons’ tongue stretching until the video is over. VH1 gets a cool image and free media that is not intrusive but fun and measurable.

Creative Director:
Sergio Mugnaini; Marcello Serpa

Art Director:
Guilherme Garcia

Luciana Haguiara

Art Assistant:
Ricardo Pocci

Flash Developer:
Andre Mattos

Technology Director:
João Lopes

Ana Maria Machado

Account Executive:
Martha Almeida

Click here to VH1 Players (current site)
Gold, Clube de Criação de São Paulo, Brazil, Digital Category
Gold, El Sol, Spain, Cyber Category
Bronze, Wave Festival, Brazil, Cyber Category
Site of the day, FWA