Client: PepsiCo
São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Chief Creative Officer:
Guga Ketzer

Creative Director:
Sergio Mugnaini

Art Director:
Thiago de Mello

Kiko Borger

Planning team:
Ken Fujioka, Felipe Senise, Rodrigo Neia, Rodrigo Nincao

Account Executive:
André Paes de Barros, Laís Pasqua, Catarina Alecrim

Daniel Chalfon, Adriana Favaro, Silvia Ramazzotti, Fernanda Godoy, Bruna Simões

Head of Production:
Ana Luisa André

Karina Vadasz

Film Director:
Paulinho Caruso

Production Company:
O2 Filmes

Photography Film Director:
Ralph Strealow

Rodrigo Menecucci

Sound production company:

Renata Figueiredo, Marta Oliveira, Roberto Pasqualoni, Luiz Oyamada, Nicolle Ribeiro

We invited a celebrity and trolled (“cowzamos”) with him.

Campaign Idea:
The idea of the campaign is that the product (Toddy Cookie) is so good, so full of chocolate chips, that the advert was put in this little square (pip), so we can put appetite appeal images at the bigger part of the screen.

Hire a celebrity and troll him?
In TV ads, we hired Eduardo Sterblitch, a brazilian comedy actor and invited him to join our characters, Toddy’s Cows, to compete with our product for consumer attention. Let’s see what’s happened.

Making of:
Shooting ideas for product film

Day 1: Product Shoot
This day, an outstanding product shooting from Paulo Caruso, our photography director Ralph Strealow and team. So much detail, taking care about every frame.