Bolada da Polar

How a beer brand can put together two rivals in the same campaign?

Client: Polar, Ambev
“Bolada da Boa”
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

The Polar Export , a local beer marketed primarily in the Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and in their communication always draws strong relationships with two great teams of Porto Alegre , capital of Rio Grande do Sul. Early 2010 , the brewery decided to put the two team fans face to face to help your team , not only in the web environment , help really.

R$100 000 were divided between the two team fans , leaving each with $ 50 thousand; when a supporter entered the site could “steal ” one of the real opposing fans , that donating one dollar for their fans. The score was always changing during the month that the action lasted , the site had a very suggestive name with action : (not working anymore due to the promotional period)

The regulation already provided that at the end of 1-month period , the fans with the greatest amount of money donated would win the 100 000 , and the other would be left with nothing . At the end the crowd who managed to give the Polar Jackpot for his favorite team was the Tri Gauchos , thus making the Grêmio win the £ 100 000 .

The viral coefficient of this action is quite high since it messes with the passion of the gauchos – the dispute Grêmio and Inter are very strong in southern Brazil – and means that there is a real reason for people to spread to friends : an amount real money .