Client: MTV
“Usa Cacete (Use it dick)”
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Chief Creative Officer:
Guga Ketzer

Creative Directors:
Cássio Moron, Fabio Saboya e Sergio Mugnaini

Art Director:
Maria Eduarda Di Pietro

Thiago Bocatto

Strategy Team:
Ken Fujioka e Daniel de Tomazo

Media Team: 
Daniel Chalfon e Adriana Favaro

Executive Producer:
Ana Luisa André

Broadcast team:
Claudia Stancev

Production company:
Conspiração Filmes


Photography Director:
Rafael Levy

Sound Design:

Account Team:
Fabiane Veiga, Flávia Godoy e Silvia Durazzo

Client team:
Wagner Gorab, Ana Penteado e Eduardo Zanelli

Everyone’s already sick and tired of hearing how important it is to use a condom. Then use it dick.

Created by Loducca to MTV, with the aim of encouraging the use of condoms. Throughout the year, the catchphrase “# usacacete!” Will be repeated by the broadcaster. Apart from commercial and electronic vignettes, VJs will publicize the campaign during programming. Radio spots, share on social networks and the distribution of condoms specially produced by MTV complete communication.