Using 14 art installations, Leroy Merlin visually explores variety with their biggest assets: more than 80K items in stock.

Client: Leroy Merlin
“Everything to build anything”
São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Celso Loducca, Guga Ketzer

Creative Director:
Sergio Mugnaini

Art Director:
Nelson Costa

Fabio Victoria

Art Director Jr:
Lucas Stefano de Oliveira

Copywriter Jr:
Vitor Barbato, Gabriel Abrucio

Account team:
André Paes de Barros, Fabiane Veiga, Renato Nose, Fernanda Moino, Gabriela Ruffo

Media team:
Daniel Chalfon, Adriana Favaro, Rodrigo Tamer, Maria José Dias Filha, Letícia Vono, Marcos Moura

Planning team:
Ken Fujioka, André Troster, Pedro Bertho

Executive producers:
Ana Luisa André e Sid Fernandes

Art Buyers:
Carolina Galastri e Vanessa Lima

Luiz Cunha,Rodrigo Ribeiro, Sergio Mugnaini

Paulo Dias

Ana Luisa André, Paula Rinaldi

Production Company:
Conspiração Filmes

Film Director:
Del, Henrique Manzoli

Sound Production Company:
Friends Audio

Director of Photography:
Robert Yeoman, Fernando Oliveira

Client team:
Carla Ramos, Sueli Loiola, Isabela Ferreira, Luciano Luna, Ana Paula Silva

Leroy Merlin 2015 needed to show how diverse is their product line to build, renovate and decorate. Are options for all tastes , colors and prices . More than 80,000 products to purchase. A far superior to competitors number. More than talking about the advantage had to visually show the public the superiority.

No 1: concept
In Leroy Merlin has everything anyone needs to build what you want.

No 2: artists
Artists were brought together and asked to illustrate each section of the store through art installations . The artists had free pass to the store to choose and use the material they wanted. There were 14 works , each representing a section of the store . Guest artists : Eduardo Srur , Flavia Junqueira , Selvva , Yoann Saura , Tulio Pinto , Leo Capote , Laerte Ramos and Carol Gay.

No 3: Art Installations
Within a single shed approximately 8.500m² , all 14 were assembled art installations . At first , they were taken to illustrate the advertising campaign of the brand and were later exposed in Rabieh gallery in São Paulo. Various truss structures to suspend some of the works were built .

Eduardo Srur was not only one of the main guest artists as well , but also curator of all the works related to exposure Leroy Merlin 2015. It is a visual artist known for his urban interventions . He began his career visual artist with the painting and from 2002 began to investigate new media such as photography, sculpture, video , performance, installation and urban intervention.

Current production is characterized by temporary exhibitions in the public space that alter the landscape of the city and question the social system of critical and humorous way.

Artist of São Paulo , painter, sculptor . Uses photography as part of the work process . Much of her work comes from the streets , graffiti , the relationship between urban art and people .

For all artists, were made documentaries recording the whole creative process , purchasing process of products in Leroy Merlin and execution.

Leo Capote
Early created intimacy with hammers, nails and screws that helped build and make absolutely any tool or object in different utilities . Leo joins the materials and explores the ways both experimentally when academic , always ensuring ergonomics. Leo just can not look at an object and accept that it is ready . Everything is absolutely raw material.

Passionate about art since childhood was the design that Carol Gay training architect found a world where express themselves. One of the prominent names of the new generation of designers , the São Paulo did Architecture and Urbanism at Mackenzie University , where he graduated in 2000. By the hands of Carol , tubes were transformed into a beautiful table of copper and glass, a slate and plastic cups turned the ideal table for children, their fixtures have seductive ways to view and its objects has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. Let no one hold Carol Gay on his already successful flight by creative.

Laerte Ramos stands out in the panorama of contemporary Brazilian art especially for the production of ceramics and printmaking. Still works with several languages such as video, installation, performance and urban action. Degree in fine arts from the Armando Alvares Penteado ( 2001) Since the mid -1990s , Laerte Ramos has participated in important group exhibitions and in the last 14 years held several solo exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.

Túlio Pinto
In their installations and sculptures, the balance of the parts is achieved by the match between weights, sizes and densities from materials such as concrete, iron and glass plates . The production revolves around the concept of transience and transformation operated from the characteristics of the materials worked , “Things already have their sculptural potential. I am very much an articulator , since repotencializo this force inherent in them , highlighting these approaches and cancellations that are generated , “the artist sets.

Flavia Junqueira
From accumulations and heaps , manifested by the stacks , the juxtapositions and overlaps of playful objects and explicit reference to the universe and to the child’s imagination , Flavia Junqueira asks and proposes to reflect on the meanings of memory and some elements of this imaginary . Childhood melancholy , imagination as a source of the absurdity of reality, fantasy realism are, among others , relevant for the construction of their images.

Yoann Saura
French sculptor born in Brittany, formed the National School of Fine Arts of Paris . Early in his career , he specialized in the construction of scenery for film and theater. From this experience , became acquainted with various materials and construction methods . After several stops in Brazil between 2006 and 2010 , finally settled in São Paulo , where he lives and works today.

Comprising Denise Yui , Julia Smit Rettmann Marina and three architects formed by FAU- USP . All with very different experiences – architecture , graphic design and photography – that complements the production of Selvvva in the search for functional and elegant solutions .

The artwork seeks to create wellness spaces , producing compositions with plants and support. The artists seek the union of knowledge about plants with an aesthetic look always on the lookout for new references.


No 4: exposition
All parts were exposed in Rabieh Gallery , Sao Paulo Brazil . and subsequently , the facilities illustrated the communication campaign of the brand throughout 2015. Proving exactly the positioning of Leroy Merlin: Everything to build anything.

No 5: Cinematography
The biggest challenge of the film was able to find a different look to portray the grandeur and variety of facilities . It was through the symmetry that the director of photography Robert Yeoman , director Wes Anderson ‘s partner in movies like The Grand Hotel Budapest (2014 ) , Moonrise Kingdom ( 2012) , The Royal Tenenbaums (2001 ) , could see a way to present all facilities designed art.

No 6: Composite
Composite The great challenge of the composition was further emphasize the symmetrical compositions. The funds were leveled , and the textures of the walls have been cleared or leveled . The color work emphasized the contrast between scenes .