Client: Greenpeace
São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Advertising Agency
ALMAPBBDO + Colmeia, Sao Paulo

Client Greenpeace

Creative Director
Sergio Mugnaini, AlmapBBDO

Art Director
Sergio Mugnaini (AlmapBBDO), Gustavo Sonoda, 
Caio Sartori, Rafael Kfouri (Colmeia)

Luciana Haguiara, AlmapBBDO

Technical Director
Fabrizio Barata, AlmapBBDO

Fabio Benedetto, AlmapBBDO


Executive Production
Eduardo Camargo, Kazi, Andre Passamani (Colmeia)

Acount manager
Patricia Gerard (AlmapBBDO), 
Muriel Meira, Alessandra Sevzatian (Colmeia)

Project Manager
Vânia São José (AlmapBBDO), 
Juliano Tosetto (Colmeia)

Game Design
Fabiano Onça, Maurício Gibrin

User Experience
Dante Calligaris, Vinicius Vidal

Arhur Lima, Eduardo Silva, Cauê Passero (Colmeia)

Interface Design
Edgar Akiyama, Flavio Ensiki (Colmeia)

Motion Graphics
Robson Victor, Rafael Araújo (Colmeia)

3D Artist

Sound Production

Marketing Team
Clélia Maury, Gladis Éboli 
Mariana Schwarz, Joanna Guinle, Daniela Soares

It’s a fact that if you need to communicate something to young people you’re going to have to forget conventional campaign methods. It’s not that websites, advertisements in magazines and commercials on TV and at point of sale no longer have an effect on the 8 to 18 year age band, it’s just that, regardless of the medium used, including the Internet, they’re only going to pay attention if the message is absolutely relevant to them and is put across in a way that captivates them.

Greenpeace Weather is a strategy multiplayer game on which players become activists to fight against the climate changes. Their mission is to join other activists to solve environmental crises that affect the planet using cooperation and coordination. Developed also as a real game, made on recycled paper and recycled wood, soon it will be distributed in schools around Brazil.

The brands hold a major trump card in their hands if they know how to work well in this scenario. Young people today have access to each and every type of content, including to a large mass of content the origin of which is doubtful. This is precisely the time when a brand adds value to the message and lends credibility to the content. A good way of communicating with young people is via advergames. When they contain a good idea, are innovative and have content that is intrinsic to the game, they are a great opportunity for creating an affinity with the public.

Outside the web
In addition to being a multiplayer on-line game, Greenpeace Weather also comes in a real-life version. Made from recycled wood and paper the game can be bought on the site itself. Greenpeace is looking for partners to become involved in the production of the board game. The major objective is to distribute the game to public schools in Brazil, which are lacking in quality teaching.

The scenario
Our planet is suffering from disorganized development and threatened by pollution and deforestation. Its future depends on non-governmental organizations, like Greenpeace, defending the environment from human aggression. Despite being a subject that is much in vogue all over the world, global warming is still treated like a distant problem in Brazil, which is the world’s fourth largest emitter of pollutant gases. This situation is mainly the consequence of deforestation and slashing and burning. In order for the population to demand that the government takes the necessary measures people need to act together. The game was developed in Brazil to try and attack this problem head on, by mobilizing young people who are gong to inherit the consequences of climate change. But, in fact, this is a worldwide issue, so much so that Greenpeace Weather has players the world over in surprisingly large numbers.

Online repercussion
Currently, the advergame is the most incisive way of making digital content more interactive, appealing and relevant. In addition to creating and uniting a truly multiracial community behind a cause, Weather has been generating a lot of repercussions in blogs, with more than 7800 mentions. It was chosen as “site of the day” by FWA, one of the most important world design thermometers and won a Lion at the 2008 Cannes Festival in the “gaming” category. Since it went live it has spread at great speed, without any publicity or specific campaign. In less than two months the game has been accessed in more than 136 countries. According to Google Analytics, there have been more than 1 million page views in this period. Access ranking by country: 1st Brazil 2nd USA 3rd China 4th Germany 5th France

“Only when the last fish is gone,
the last river poisoned,
the last tree cut down...
will mankind realize they
cannot eat money.”

Gran Prix, FIAP, Argentina, Cyber Category
Bronze, Cannes Lion, France, Cyber Category
Gold, New York Festivals, USA, Cyber Category
Silver, New York Festivals, USA, Cyber Category
Gold, El Sol, Spain, Cyber Category
In Book, D&AD, England, Digital Category
Bronze,  One Show Interactive, USA, Digital Category
Bronze,  One Show Interactive, USA, Gaming Category
Silver, Wave Festival, Brazil, Cyber Category
Gold, London Festival, England, Digital Category
Silver, El Ojo IberoAmerica, Argentina, Digital Category
FWA – Site of the day