Client: Escola
Panamericana de Artes

“How far does your creativity go?”
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Creative Execution
Panamericana School of Art and Design has launched a challenge for its target with the concept : How far does your creativity go? On the web, we brought the challenge to all platforms with interconnected actions on social networks, e-mails, new medias, websites and virals. With the integrated campaign, the public got more and more stimulated to exercise their creativity with EPA.

Creative Director:
Marcello Serpa, Sergio Mugnaini, Luiz Sanches

Art Directors:
André Gola, Nathalia Resende

Marco Aurélio (Pernil), Flavia Figueiredo

Technology Director:
João Lopes

Information Architect Team:
Vanessa Marques, Andressa Curvello

Production Company:
Prodigo Films

Film Director:
Andre Godoi

Flash Developer Companies:
Colméia, Pivot

Account Team:
Alessandro Zanetti, Isabela Filippi

Client Team:
Enrique Lipszy

Bronze, International London Awards, England, Integrated Category