Convert all data, really from scratch, into sheet music.

São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Creative Directors:
Sérgio Mugnaini, Raphael Franzini

Head of Design:
Eduardo Tallia

Paula Padilha, Marcelo Vendramel

Marcelo Rosa, Fabio Saboya

Executive Producers:
Ana Luisa André, André Michels

Project Manager:
Karina Rebelo

Digital Production Companies:
Sevira Digital, Santa Transmedia

Executive producers:
Ana Luisa André e Sid Fernandes

Production Company:
Tubarão Filmes

Film Director:
Carlos Milanez

Film Editor:
Daniel Mariano

Sound Production Company:

What is the main goal of the project?
Register an electronic music performance to inspire other djs.

What is the idea?
We created a software called DJAY that converts all data, really from scratch, into a sheet music.

What is the purpose of the project?
Our main purpose was to encourage professional musicians to register their performance so other amateurs could learn from professionals. is a collaborative space for djs to share their performance. a kind of closed captioning for Djs

What opportunity that we can solve?
There are a lot of devices and softwares fit for DJs, but no one is worried about teaching the basics of electronic music to new Djs.

Competitors & Ableton Live,

An Omni Channel Platform created using real time data from Djs. Proof that we can create more than ads. We can create start ups.

Market size
Interest in dj: 64MM
Interest in electronic music: 992K
(Source: Facebook Power Editor Tool)

Business Model strategy
Instead of an advertising agency just creating ads, why not go further and create products and services for other brands and invite clients to be there?

Business Model strategy
Djay´s business model allows other brands to start buying space within the platform through brand content formats, sponsoring articles, including user content. A new business model for advertising agencies, where the company will create opportunities and offer them to current clients, engaging users on

Product Roadmap

November 2014: 
Kick off Djay project

June 2015: 
DJAY desktop software was produced

Fev 18th, 2016: was launched. Available for Behringer BCD3000 and NumarkN4

April 2016:
Djay Live Performance app was launched. is available for Pioneer models (e.g.DDJ-SP1)