Client: Greenpeace
“Black Pixel”
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Chief Creative Officer:
Marcello Serpa

Creative Director:
Sergio Mugnaini

Art Director:
Gulherme Garcia Giacomo

Luciana Haguiara

Rodrigo França

Ana Maria Machado

Account Executive:
Martha Pereira; Joanna Guinle; Carol Derra

On Interactive + C.E.S.A.R

Sound Design:

Marketing Team
Clélia Maury, Gladis Éboli 
Mariana Schwarz, Joanna Guinle, Daniela Soares

In these days any initiative to minimize CO2 emissions is valid. In The Black Pixel Project the effort is the size of a few pixels. 

By installing a little black square in the monitor* people will be saving energy. That energy added to other people Black Pixel’s energy can make a big difference.

The project is homologated by C.E.S.A.R: a world-class private institution that creates products, processes, services and innovative companies using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Only when the last fish is gone,
the last river poisoned,
the last tree cut down...
will mankind realize
they cannot eat money.

John May, The Greenpeace Story

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Silver, Clio Awards, United States, Cyber Category
Silver, London Awards, England, Cyber Category
Merit, One Show Interactive, United States, Cyber Category
Silver, Wave Festival, Brazil, Cyber Category
Silver, FIAP, Argentina, Cyber Category
Silver, El Ojo Iberoamerica, Argentina, Cyber Category