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(honestly, this picture was shoot few years ago, nowadays a little bit more bald. Photographed by this amazing guy called Claude).

Creative, worked in Advertising since 1996 in companies as AKQA, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Almap BBDO, DDB Brasil, J Walter Thompson, Ogilvy and Futura. Nowadays, he’s one of the creative leaders of LDC. Once a time, he heard from a guy called Albert something like:

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

And, after that, he decided to study just a little bit: A bachelor in Communication, continued his studies at School of Visual Arts, New York and, not satisfied, he join an EMBA at Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Germany. He’s thesis was about the Luddites at Communication Industry

Member of IADAS, International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, there’s a mindset presented in his way of thinking and living, something like a “Seamless Mind”.

As it meanings says, Seamless mind could be the art of listening. It is the art of understanding a problem and translate it the best way, because before any argument is necessary to listen. It is the fine tune between the customer, product and brand, preferably in line. This line should be turned into a melody, even though created by musicians and nonmusicians around the world. 

Could be Dj’s? Sure.

Let’s try using a software idea called DJay.cc, empowering DJ’s from all over the world, converting all data, really from scratch into a music sheet. 

Talking about music, why not literally launch John Frusciante’s new album to the space and got his fans all night long waiting to unlock John’s new album?

Even with nonsense commercials for MTV

or mashing up YouTube Players for VH1.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

Words from a woman called Eleanor, but let be honest: is there something better to empower people to solve people’s problems like A Loja Vazia (The Empty Project), and open source platform to co-create sustainable ideas.

and a project called Plikko, that empower people to be friendlier companies?

Also, talking about some critical questions from society, raising a social movement with Neymar Jr. called Somos Todos Macacos. Well, with those ideas, Sergio believes he could show to the world how reverse economy ideas could be another meaning for a seamless mind.

Sergio believes the creative process plunges into unprecedented crossing experiments with the problems of everyday life. And technology will be a perfect toy to transform problems into solutions for clients. Sound a little bit robotic? Perhaps this definition is very accurate for something so irrational. The technology is being responsible in bringing generations, placing the Next Generation in contact with the Baby Boomers.  Making a difference in day-to-day? Maybe.

Seamless mind could be a difference between 0 and 1.

Increasingly important, the technology determines the success of a brand, a company and a product like a project as Greenpeace Black Pixel. This little, little pixel could change people’s life.

Also, how technology could shape the future? Not only shape but live streaming the new Audi A3 in Brazil, arousing the curiosity of people.

If cars will be an interesting subject, check these projects called Audi Performance cars, from Audi and Fox Inside Out, from Volkswagen for instance.

I never imagined that a mere creative mind were able to make a robot move like was made for a beer called Polar, thanks to a technology increasingly commonplace and put two rivals soccer teams in the same table.

And why not, technology will be responsible for breaking some paradigms where the role of museums would be reviewed, causing them to change the artwork of artists of the past by visionary scientists looking to the future. From now on, instead of something new, is in fact in museums.

Maintain our conversation around technology, how to understand all changes on youth generation? How they interact with brands like Toddy.

Did they
care about

Once a brand builds a story, people very often engage on this. Especially if a brand create a space, full of imagination like “Everything to build anything” , Leroy Merlin 2015 Integrated campaign. Not only an infinite variety of products but also, an invitation to transform their house and life.

An, especially because brands create a culture and communication could be responsible for that like Drive In’s culture at Sonic. Well, people care about this.

Bringing back that point about seamless mind, could be to play with concepts, brands and people. To mix everything in one large space, and different people find fun in the same scenario. More and more brands are entering the world of fun games. To talk about complex issues such as climate change that is happening in the world, why not understand this complicated problem worldwide by Greenpeace Weather?

“I’m a photographer, period. I love photography, the immediacy of it. I like the craft, the idea of saying ‘I’m a photographer.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Sergio’s words. David words but, in a Seamless mind, photography could be the art to record moments in a non-chronological order. Is to try to register that your eye sees but can not write. It is a chance to enjoy the city of Berlin, deserted, at 2:00 AM to get further paralyzes the city already paralyzed by the cold.

You try to register the sight of a small amateur photographer in the streets of New York, noting how the city swallows their visitors. In the Far East, the picture can record the most exotic creatures on parade near the station of Harajuku in Tokyo.

Asking about his graphic design skills, Mr. Mug9 (long time ago a copywriter friend solve the way he could explain his name in 3 seconds) says:

“Perhaps one of the most interesting lessons I had was with the classes Mr. Edward Benguiat. Ed is an icon before the Graphic designer and typographic. It is present in almost every Hall of Fame: Art  Directors Club, Type Directors. Everywhere. At the end of their classes, the floor was covered with rules and drafts.”

Thinking these scrawls that appeared in the classroom, something very simple appeared in those posters from Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Havaianas Broadcast design, some illustrations like this square elephant there was some interesting executions, building his art direction career. 

How far does your creativity go?
Good question, check this out.